World Vitiligo Day 2019 (Day 2) – Improve Quality of Life of Vitiligo patients

World Vitiligo Day with the subject “Improve Quality of life of Vitiligo patients” was organized by Vietnamese national hospital of Dermatology and Venereology in cooperation with G. Marconi University and the Vitiligo Research Foundation at Hanoi Medical University (HMU).

On the June 25th 2019, HMU’s great hall was covered with hundreds of purplish white T shirt very early, marked a big event expected for a long time. With the theme “Improve Quality of life of Vitiligo patients”, the day aimed to propagandize about Vitiligo for everyone to avoid stigma and help the patients more optimistic in their daily lives.

The Hospital Executive Board: Asso. Prof. Nguyen Van Thuong, Asso.Prof. Le Huu Doanh, Asso. Prof. Nguyen Huu Sau

The Conference was attended by many international experts, included Yan Valle – CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation from New York, America, Prof. Michael Tirant – G. Marconi University, Prof. Davinder Parsad – G. Marconi University. Vietnamese delegates included Asso.Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen – Chairman of Vietnamese Medical Association, Asso.Prof.Nguyen Van Thuong – Director of National hospital of Dermatology and Venereology, Asso.Prof. Le Huu Doanh – Vice director of National hospital of Dermatology and Venereology, Asso.Prof. Nguyen Huu Sau – Vice director of National hospital of Dermatology and Venereology and more than 300 vitiligo patients from all of the country.

Yan Valle, Prof. Davinder Parsad and Prof. Michael Tirant attended the World Vitiligo Day 2019.

Asso.Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen attended the special day

Delivering the opening speech, Asso.Prof.Nguyen Van Thuong said this was a special event that many scientists and patients worldwide concerned about. This vitiligo day was held on June 25th as a memorial to Pop King Micheal Jackson who also suffered from vitiligo. Asso.Prof.Nguyen Van Thuong mentioned vitiligo as a hypopigmented skin disease which was not contagious but affected the patients’ quality of life. For this reason, this is a meaningful event to raise community’s awareness about the disease, to wipe out stigma and help vitiligo patients more optimistic and confident in their daily lives.

Asso.Prof.Nguyen Van Thuong – Director of National hospital of Dermatology and Venereology delivered the opening speech

After that, Prof.Michael Tirant and Yan Valle shared many results of their researches about vitiligo and quality of life of the patients. To be more details, diet and lifestyle played important roles in vitiligo. Maintaining healthy diet and lifestyle were important factors to control the disease. Moreover, vitiligo patients usually gave up treatment after 3 months because of poor improvement but if they adhered to the protocol, positive results would be seen within 1 year so that the advice of the doctors was extremely important, not only consulted about the disease but also the management, treatment protocol, time and cost to help the patients more optimistic and confident.

Prof. Michael Tirant shared about Diet, Lifestyle and Vitiligo

Yan Valle – CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation spoke at the conference

At the conference, the patients had the chance to share their stories, the difficulties coping with this disease, also the optimistism and belief that helped them improve quality of life.

Famous singer Thai Thuy Linh who was well-known for “Bringing music to hospitals” also attended the event, through the beautiful melodies, she sent a meaningful message to all the patients: Believe in love “And the heart will be happy”.

The event closed after giving presents to all of the patients. The valuable presents represented for motivation which organizers wanted to send to the patients, help them overcome all stigmas. Open your heart to share, to sympathize and wipe out all discrisminations.

Asso.Prof.Nguyen Van Thuong gave a handheld UVB machine to patient

Asso.Prof.Le Huu Doanh gave special presents to all patients who won the lucky game




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