Vitiligo – My companion in 11 years

What do you think about the 20th age of the girl? 

For almost girls, the 20th age always is the best moment in life. But, one day of that best moment for me is a day I had a small stain in my face, in edge of mouth. It’s not itch, normal comfort. Everyone also guessed it, maybe was eczema or something whatever, then its white colour suddenly inscreaded.

Not long after that, I saw 1 more white stain at my elbow, now they appeared (symmetry) in my whole face: neck, nape, arms, legs…In the first time, I’m also patient to cure, such as: oriental medicine, folk tips… I have followed a Dr. of HCM Dermatology hospital for 1 year, I used to many different types but they’re impossible. My Doctor told me that there is no way to cure completely and he didn’t found the cause of this disease. That moment, I hadn’t much money to vet and something made me give up. I’m sad because in my family, no one had this disease. Everyday I hung out, everyone asked me many questions which made me very unhappy, feeling pity. I often smile to ignore.

But since 2013, I had a chance to met Nick Vujicic at a event, he came with “Life without limits” his book. He had not limbs, but he was still successful. I suddenly about myself, I realized I had enough limbs, so why did I scared? I will try my best to pass it.

Then I became to a active person, more confident & more smile. Whoever asked me, I answered that is Vitiligo, the dermatological disease. I still wear dress, not hide them, I believe I will success as many famous person.
Looking back to 11 years ago I lived with vitiligo, I realized that If I always had inconfident, they would more spread. So you guys should think optimistic and live as all different normal people. I felt better because of my lucky when I was not cancer or terminall ill..

– Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong

Member of Forum Benh bach bien – Vitiligo Vietnam