Vitiligo and the story of my life

Today I would like to talk about myself as a young man who has been more than 17 years old. I still remember it when I was five when I woke up when I woke up and suddenly white spots appeared on my legs. My parents eagerly asked me if I was a fool? Then take me to the doctor and diagnose it is vitiligo. I was young at the time, so I just ignored it. Still wearing casual pants (my house in the countryside sometimes goes to the market to go shopping) My home is very poor, so I still leave it as it does not affect my health. Time goes by the class 1,2,3..8 and this is the time I realized the problem and the impact of the disease we had. I wear pants and bike riding and everyone looks at me a poor, sick-looking ghost guy, bad guy, and especially white spots on those skinny legs. Go home, trembling legs pouring all out to get fast. On the way, I was teased “did you get sida or something?”, I cried at that time. But I am very strong and do not tell my parents. I am alone enough, I do not want my parents to be sad. Since then, I have been out on the street, always wearing long pants.
Ah, my soccer dream. The disease took away the passion. Perhaps some people who are not sick will say “okay” but what to go through is understanding. Spiritual pressure from the glaring eyes of current social people has made people with vitiligo in general and other diseases in particular more self-deprecating. I have inferiority, so there are few friends who like a person who just keeps in their heart and is not qualified to spread people … !! Friends who give me more motivation are probably my two cats. Every time I feel sad, I confide in them and perhaps they seem to understand when I’m sad they rub me on me as comforting. I am very sad but still have to live with the flood. I hope the society will develop and quickly find ways to cure vitiligo completely.

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