Letter to my son

Letter to my beloved son!

I wrote these confidant lines about me and my son’s journey to fight vitiligo, so that when he grow up he can know how much I love my child, because it will be difficult for me to say it in the future.  – When I first saw my children, my children were wrinkled with red and black skin, people often teased me, however, I always wished that his skin would be white a little bit more and wondered if he could hear his mother’s prayer. When he was 2.5 years old, his skin appeared a white spot like a coin on his boredom, that time was 1 week away from the birth date of my child, which is the official day of my mother’s knowledge of vitiligo. But that is the story of 2 months later, 2 months before the appearance of the white spot, but it was a little blur, the grandmother and the child told me that the child was still winking and teasing this and growing up very quickly, but then the stain became more and more white and hair also turned white, now she started to worry because its spread speed was so fast. My mother took me to see a local doctor, I was advised that my child would have vitiligo and went to take me to the skin as soon as possible, a thunderbolt struck my ears, a 25-year-old mother did not know about disease and was the first heard. Going home first thing is mom going online to find out what is vitiligo?

The more I read, the more I understand, the more I understand it, the more I cry, I calls his father and asks him to take my baby to the hospital even when my husband is far away from home for more than 400km – That night I could not sleep and just watched my sleeping baby, but I could only cry because I loved my son so much. 2 days later, I went to see my husband and my father and took you to the hospital but they did not want to let me go because they were afraid of me (because my younger child was expected to born 1 week later). ) but why can I let my little son experience this fear? I can be afraid that I will not cry and I will be afraid when my mother’s most scared son will not have my mother on me. I can go with it, and my father agrees with the condition that my grandmother will accompany me, on the way, I will only pray silently for my son to have common common wounds only not ugly white but perhaps this time he did not listen to his mother’s prayers and the professor’s conclusions and conclusions at the National Dermatology Hospital had her mother collapsed. It’s true “, now rewriting my mother still felt nervous, thinking about that moment. 1 month of applying and taking maternal medicine do not dare to forget, who said what she did in winter and then in combination, she only wanted the best or at least the miracle that happened but did not lose another 1 more point still on boredom I thought it would spread all over my mother’s face as if I was in pain but I could not do anything but cry. Mother from 1 mother after giving birth 65kg in 2 months to 52kg, her father works far away, she must always accompany her child – When my baby is more than 1 month old, she has to let me stay at home with my grandmother to take me away , just drunk car and breast milk lying flat, but my son’s personality and affection are very much, he says: I kept lying on my legs and lying down, I know that I love and love my mother just like my mother loves me, I still receive education The monk intended to smear and drink the medicine but it seemed that the stain was not resigned and became more and more lonely there – Although his son was nearly 3 years old, but he was aware of his appearance, he did not let his mother cut Short hair often wears a hat even though it is sunny and often asks mother: Mom, why are your forehead so white like this? “.Do you know when my heart hurts like that? My mother doesn’t wish she could get sick instead of me because she knows it’s not realistic, she only knows to tell me that these ugly white spots are just what my mother still handsome – But my mother was really depressed when my child was more than 2 months old and she really did not dare to think back to that time, I had a third note on my head, my younger brother was sick and I had to sew and suture the fever infection High but do not dare to harass his mother and quietly sit at the head of the bed waiting for her to comfort her, then remind her to apply medicine to her child, the more good she is, the more desperate and useless she feels. Whenever my mother like the porcupine ruffled her hair when anyone asked how she was or someone said this disease could not be cured, she thought that only mothers like mothers could understand that she felt desperate and secret. at this time.

Amid the most desperate despair, the mother knew about the white-blooded disease Forum, Dr. Tam was instructed by the doctor, her parents bought the baby phototherapy lamp, the latest stain disappeared after 5 sessions of lucky connection the second spot disappears after more than 2 months and after more than 8 months of lighting, the topical smear of the child has reached about 90%.
my child is still very young but he is very good to keep shining until now, and now he does not expect anything big, even though the white spots are still lost forever, I hope you will always be confident because you are different and because you are unique. Be a strong and energetic boy because you are me and because you are my son. Sent to my 4-year-old son

Jo Hien

Member of Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam