Tears of mom

I cried when I read this article even though I already knew that today I went to this event.

Mother cried for happiness when her little daughter was not as self-deprecating as before.

I loved you when you got sick, but she didn’t know how to do it because the doctor said it didn’t have a cure and I was really worried when you said you wouldn’t go to school anymore. I had to make an application to preserve your academic results when you was in grade 10.I encouraged you every day and then you listened to me to continue going to school after your classmates for 1 month. I believe in your studying force even though you went to study after your friends for 1 month, but you’re always a good student of the class and then you have finished college and go to work.On the surface, you always laughed and said happily, but I knew you was still inferior to your disease because every time we mentioned that you was married, you told that stay at home with us, “I don’t marry.” While there are many people who know your disease, they still want to marry you. And then you also opened your heart when you decided to go to marriage with my husband now. you am very lucky because my husband and my husband’s family are very loving and sympathetic to you even though they know your disease. I am really happy & happier than ever because I knows my daughter is now completely confident, optimistic, love life and living true to her current self, regardless of who is out there. look at you whispering or pointing. Do what you like, come to the places you want when the most favorable conditions are always loving yourself! I wish you luck and success in life.

On the day of the world vitiligo , I would like to send my best greetings and wishes to all the people in the world who unfortunately suffer from this disease. Please be more confident because there are many people who still have to carry in them dangerous diseases that money cannot change their lives. You must think that you are luckier than many people. Hope that your relatives will always be a solid spiritual support for you. May the community share and facilitate the unfortunate people who suffer from this disease because they deserve it!

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