My summer girl

That day was so nice morning, I never forgot the moment you borned. Sunshire though the tree in front of hospital. Your father hugged you with all his love, then Thuy An was born in our ams. Wow, 2 your dimple are so cute, you look like your papa so much. “Your grandmother and Phuong aunt love you”,”You’ll soon become a beauty girl”… I’m so happy and looking out the window, I hope that your life will so beautiful as the blue sky.
Next 4 years, the same hot summer, I touching to your angel hair, smiling with me. Suddenly, that moment, I see some white stain in edge of your mouth. In my mind, it just maybe eczema. It will be ok. But next 6months then they begin spreading wider. I have a bad feeling, so I decide to take my child to the hospital in Ha Noi. Next day, we going to the National Children of Hospital. And you know? It’s the worst day for us because of the disease which the world had not cured. Many questions appear in my mind now. I wish I was disease, not you. I cried a lot. Your naive eyes looked at me, you aksed “Was you hurt? Why did you cried?” Shooking head, I answerd “No problem, babe”. Your daddy also hugged us and he told me that “The sciene was developing, our girl will be ok, we will try our best together”
From that day, I have never forgot 2 times take medicine, 2 times apply medicine for you. I have found all of the way to cure your disease but everything seems to change nothing. When I was hopeless, I saw group in facebook for Vitiligo person, I found Dr. Tam, uncle Nguyen Phong and a lot of people were same you. I became happier because all of them were optimistic. I decided to tell you about vitiligo.
After listening, I really surprised her, she said “I can give you a cure; I’m not afraid”. It was so long ago that only my mother was weak, and she was still young, did she strongly confront the truth, or did she not understand the problem?
It seems, from birth to summer, always go hand in hand with my child, after my last summer vacation at preschool, my parents once again go to Hanoi to see Dr. Tam. Doctor dedicated, attentive examination for children. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe medication and prescribe the lamp for 1 week 3 weeks. Again a ray of hope for children, mom will definitely not give up no matter how difficult. So, every 1 week, 3 pm, my mother asked my uncle in the agency to help me, 2 mother and daughter packed up to try against the vitiligo. After 6 months of treatment in the central dermatology hospital, white streaks of evil monsters on the edge of the child have narrowed 1/2. One day, when I finished lighting the lamp, I couldn’t cry, I just couldn’t let my mother wash my face. Mother looked at the tears in her eyes, but on her face, she smiled brightly to her mother, “Mom! I don’t wish to be a teacher anymore; I wish I could make a good doctor find out more later. medicine for everyone “. Hanh happiness busts in her heart, she smiled and wiped her tears “mother’s daughter was only in grade 1, do you need to think so seriously?” From today I am not only my mother, but also a friend with me. Thinking about the journey of my mother and my mother, I did not allow myself to falter, just a little longer, my daughter will touch the wish. Just think of the time when I got rid of my illness and my mother was happy.
I love my little daughter. I never forget every step you take. I hope my mother’s angel will be cured, a useful person for society. Later, when I have enough luggage for the way forward, I am confident that I can step forward, live by my bravery and my passionate heart. On the path of life sometimes difficult and frustrating, just turn back to look back and there are parents and families always reaching out to reach their children.
In the past, I didn’t want many people to know about my illness, but today, at this moment, I want to tell the world that “my daughter has vitiligo, she lives very well, always a good student of the school, You are a good child of your parents, you ah, bb is not bad, just need us to be strong, resilient, and have a soul to shine, the white will not remain in you “.

– Yen Hera

Member of Forum Bach bien – Vitiligo Vietnam