Living with vitiligo

Nine years ago, starting with the best high school age, contacting a lot of new friends, Bach turned to me with the white irritation that everyone looked at to make sure you were wandering.

But not only during the time, every morning when I wake up and look at my face every other day, I start to worry about inferiority on my face and when my mother comes to see me, do I have vitiligo.

From then on, the person I went to school was associated with a felt hat and a mask, a weapon that never fails when I go to school. Self-deprecating, closed and do not want to be close to you because the words of the curtain are good, the insult is also there, but it is important that I have quality friends over quantity.

My path of treatment is difficult. The doctor said that he was interrupted so he was half-faced and had quadrilateral disease.

I am more interested in google, many pages give me hope and quell those hopes. From Thanh Hoa to Hanoi and Son La. Oriental medicine, Western medicine and being cheated by some healers also. And I decided to go through a skin graft, but the results were not as expected.

Having experienced many times of losing hope and that painful operation, carrying an arm with a big scar. I decided to give up and live with BACH BIEN.

But the heavenly man doesn’t take away anyone, I meet my husband now, he accepts me, accepts this disease, accepts all the words about me, doesn’t know later hey how are we preparing to welcome the 2nd member now?

I am content with my life now and see BINH BIEN as something indispensable in my life. Hate this disease and look back because this disease I know who loves me, cares about me and doesn’t want me to be hurt.

Now I step out of the street is no longer the make-up times for people to not find themselves being BACH BIEN anymore. Indifferent to face for everyone to see and realize this life is not scary when I bring vitiligo as people think.

I would like to send all those who have my vitiligo a “DON’T TO BECOME THE LIFE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL, YOU LEARN HOW TO ACCEPT AND LIVE WITH IT”

Dung Phe

Member of  Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam

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