A story about vitiligo

I came to vitiligo on a beautiful morning, got up and appeared a large, blurry white spot.
My mother-in-law said: you have been lost, early in the morning, when you get up, go to the widow’s neighbor’s house and take the mist on the tree.
Then one free evening surfing facebook, saw an article in the congregation talking about her husband having vitiligo and finding cure, expressions, images as his hands. I worried about it, then I searched “google”. Oh my god, I’ve never heard of this disease until I was young, and I’ve never seen it before.
Confused, worried. I told my husband and my family, I went to see the professor carefully, and I concluded that I was suffering from vitiligo, asking other questions. .
That period was really panic, adding the words of relatives unknowingly made me nervous. The disease spreads rapidly, extremely stressful.
It takes about 3 months to get used to and fight yourself, reassure and learn to accept the white spots.
Then, since I knew and joined a Phong’s group, met many people like me, found myself not alone, people encouraged and shared diseases with each other, giving each other more joy and optimism to life
4 years living with vitiligo, after 3 years sleeping peacefully at hand, it is invading the face area. Thinking is worrying. But worry does not solve anything, just try to think about it, more fun, more optimistic and live.
If you want to say what you want, you want your loved ones to stay by your side and care a little. Everybody out there can see me, but my relatives don’t leave us.
And the offspring do not suffer from this genetic disease
Get a look of sympathy from everyone
Wish everyone health, optimism. We are together for long

Hong Hai

Member of  Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam

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