Hi, vitiligo!

Hi everyone in the family group of vitiligo.
I am Thuong, 33 years old from Duc Tho, Ha Tinh
I was born without a father. But he was inherited from his blood
I was 6 years old when I was told by my mother. It was not until the 8th grade that my consciousness affected how important it was to my life. When I was self-deprecating, I was humiliated with mockery with sentences. (The bad karma of the bad boy or the white hair that turns right on his forehead is poked with the flashlight ….) living and growing up, growing up with sarcastic and painful words are 2 other daughters of the same mother living well, being spoiled and not inheriting diseases like me. The whole spring lives in misery. The disease starts from white eyelashes. After appearing on the forehead like green beans, then it spreads out, so Inferiority and dare not think about love. But luckily, now there is a loving husband and 3 cute kids. Every day is worried and it is like holding my breath. I am afraid that my child will be injured. beside the ear. it is very comfortable. night, let my father sleep and then mom go out and cry. The husband knows so he goes out to find and comfort him so he also fears that he will only be afraid of gradually getting less resistance, it will spread to his whole face. self-deprecation. then my family please comfort and share with each other.

Thank you Nguyen Phong for setting up the group to bring the love of friends closer, and also thank Dr. Tam for accompanying my family.

Thuong Grape

Member of Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam