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National Hospital of Dermatology and venereology pleased to inform:

From 15th December 2019 to 30th December 2019, the Hospital will receive examination and counseling for patients with purulent sweat gland inflammation at the Department of Cosmetic Surgery and Rehabilitation.

  1. Concepts

Purulent sweat gland inflammation (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) is a chronic infectious skin disease in areas where the body’s sweat glands are formed by a process from non-inflammatory nodules to deep inflammatory lesions surrounding causes pain. The result is purulent discharge and scarring.

  1. Symptoms

The disease develops silently with pruritus, erythema, localized increased sweating. Later, the lesions become painful, ooze discharge and have a foul odor.

Basic injuries sorted by group:

  • Comedone acne.
  • The papules are pink, <1 cm in diameter, painful.
  • Abscess, purulent papules, much pain.
  • Scarring, rope-like scar.

Two common locations are the armpits, groin(the perineum), and other locations that contain hair follicles and the sweat glands such as : breast folds, nipples, etc.

Patients visiting please contact the customer service number: 19006951


Author and Publisher: Social Work Department