About us

The leading hospital in dermatology of Viet Nam

National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology is one of the leading hospitals in dermatology with the following functions and missions: studying skin diseases’ model, seeking for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation methods in dermatology and leprosy, training medical staffs, consultation and giving solutions, plastic surgery, skin care, scientific research and direction of healthcare activities.
  • The Internal Medicine – Dermatology was established on February 1954 and University of Medicine and Pharmacy was established in Viet Bac mountain area. Prof. Dang Vu Hy with his 45 staffs took responsibility for Dermatology Department of Bach Mai Hospital on October 1954.
  • Prof. Dang Vu Hy was the head of Dermatology Department of Bach Mai Hospital and Hanoi Medical University. Prof. Le Kinh Due – Vice Head of Dermatology Department.
  • Prof. Le Tu Van became Vice Head of Dermatology Department of Bach Mai Hospital.
  • Prof. Le Kinh Due became Head of Dermatology Department of Bach Mai Hospital and Hanoi Medical University. Prof. Le Tu Van and Prof. Nguyen Thi Dao were Vice Heads.
  • Ministry of Health made decision No. 70/BYT-QL on establishing Vietnam Dermatology Hospital – under the control of Ministry of Health.
  • The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 486/QD-TTg on establishing the National Dermatology Hospital under the control of Ministry of Health.
  • Ministry of Health issued decision No 4453/QĐ-BYT on renaming National Dermatology Hospital into National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology.

Our functions and missions

National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology is one of the leading hospitals in dermatology with the following functions and missions

Intensive training
Training medical staffs
Consultation and treatment
Direction of healthcare activities
International cooperation
Economic management in hospital


Organizational system
Organizational system of NHDV now includes clinical, subclinical and line departments
  • The Functional Department
  • Personal department
  • Administrative department
  • Training and direction center, including rooms:
    • Education department
    • Scientific research and international cooperation department
    • Direction center
  • Finance and accounting
  • General planning department
  • Medical equipment and consumables
  • Information technology medical education department
  • Division of Health offices
  • Social work department
  • Quality management Department
  • Clinical trial center
  • Nursing department
  • The Clinical Department
  • Consultation department
  • Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation Department
  • Laser and skin care department
  • Deparment of Females and children skin diseases
  • Deparment of Males skin diseases
  • Stem cell research and application technology Department
  • Nutrition department
  • Infection control department
  • Day inpatient department
  • The subclinical department
  • Pharmacy department
  • Department of Microbiology, Mycology and Parasitology
  • Department of Hematology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Histopathology
  • Diagnostic imaging department
  • The Party committee/ Union
  • Party committee
  • Union
  • Youth Group
  • Dermatology Department of Hà Nội Medical University
  • Emulation and commendation council
  • Labor protection council
  • Science and Technology Association
  • Salary Council
  • Ethics committee in biomedical research
From the initation until now, NHDV has performed and directed the following outstanding activities:
Bulding a dermatology network

Until now 100% of provinces in Vietnam has dermatology centers. Depending on the specific conditions of personnel organization, geography and management method of each locality, each dermatological center has different name (Dermatology Hospital, Hospital of Leprosy and Dermatology, Dermatology Center, Preventive Health Center…) but the same objectives and missions

NHDV and Dermatology department of Hanoi Medical University have collaborated to open many courses for undergraduate and graduate subjectives, including: students of Hanoi Medical university, resident doctors, PhD, Master Doctors and so on.


Since the first years, when the newcomer took over the Dermatology department of Bach Mai Hospital, the department has received the help and cooperation in scientific research of socialist countries:
- From 1992 to now: 100% of provinces and cities have cooperated projects on prevention of leprosy with international organizations such as WHO, Anti-Leprosy Associations of Belgium, Netherlands, England, France, Japan, Norway...
 - From 2000 up to now, in addition to prevention of leprosy, the hospital and international organizations have expanded cooperation in the field of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, especially in building up a project of support, free allowance for meals, test fees for leprosy patients and some inpatient patients suffering from difficult skin conditions at the Institute (Swiss project).

- With the success and prestige achieved, the NHDV and Vietnam Association of Dermatology were honored to host important International Dermatology Associations:

           + 2009: successfully held the Southeast Asia Dermatology Conference in Hanoi
           + 2014: Successfully organized the Dermatology Conference of Europe and Australia (RCD) in Da Nang.
           + 2016: Successfully organizing the Asia-Pacific Dermatology Expert Meeting (APMED) in Hanoi ...
- Hospital staff are invited to participate in International Conferences with important roles such as: Organizing Committee, President, Co-Chair, Secretary, Lecturers ... Tran Hau Khang, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Dermatology, Former Director of NHDV, was elected Chairman of Southeast Asia Dermatology Association for the 2012-2014 term and Vice President. Asian Society of Dermatology from 2009 to the 2016.
     -From the previous years, we were only able to treat leprosy with DDS alone (monotherapy), the Dermatology Industry has switched to using multi-chemotherapy, helping the effectiveness of treatment increase rapidly and quickly. quickly cut off the source of infection, limit disability on leprosy patients and prevent drug-resistant leprosy.
     - In 1994, Hanoi Capital was chosen to host the organization of an important International Conference on controlling and advancing leprosy worldwide.
     Since 1995: The leprosy prevention program of the Dermatology Department has been upgraded to a national program by the State.
     - From 1995 to present:
     Implementing the national health program on leprosy prevention. Successful implementation of "Elimination of leprosy according to WHO standards" in 2000.

Up to now, all 63/63 cities across the country have organized recognition of leprosy elimination according to 4 standards of Vietnam issued by the Ministry of Health in 2002.

- Annually monitor antiLeprosy activities in provinces nationwide.

- Directing and implementing the disability prevention program for leprosy patients.

- Implementing a cooperation project between the Division of Line Steering and related sections with the Dutch Phong Phong Association (NLR), Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

- Finalize the bylaws to guide the organization to recognize leprosy elimination according to 4 Vietnamese standards.

- Distributing anti-leprosy and topical medicines in service of the examination and detection of leprosy for provinces / cities nationwide.

- Educating the whole population and training health workers with basic knowledge about leprosy in key communes (communes with many new leprosy patients).

- Organize annual briefings of 4 Dept. of Dermatology Central Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital, Quy Hoa Central Leprosy and Dermatology Hospital; Hospital of Leprosy -

- The Institute has developed an Action Program to prevent and fight against sexually transmitted infections by 2010 within the framework of the National Health Program for HIV / AIDS prevention and control.

- Annual training for provincial trainers on management, surveillance and treatment of STIs. Regular monitoring of STIs in provinces according to MOH regulations.

- Complete a set of national standard teaching materials on STIs management, reproductive tract infections for reproductive tract health care program of the Ministry of Health to conduct training in obstetrics and gynecology system at district level , districts and communes.

- Complete teaching materials for provincial trainers on managing, monitoring, and treating STIs in the ADB project.

- Participating in the compilation of documents on national standards for treatment of opportunistic infections in HIV / AIDS.

- Developing Atlas of sexually transmitted diseases

     The Dermatology Journal was launched as early as October 1950 with the Dermatological Information published regularly by the Vietnam Medical Association over the past few decades, contributing to the "joint training" procedures among dermatologists.

- Dermatology Magazine has been formed and published continuously every quarter.

- Specialized books on scientific dissemination have been published, with quite a number of copies such as: "Some modern knowledge about leprosy", "First leprosy must be incurable (Dien Ca)"; "Learn about syphilis", "Atlas of sexually transmitted diseases", "What are the common skin conditions of hair?"; "Common fungal skin diseases", "Psoriasis", "Pustular skin diseases", "Occupational skin diseases", "Rehabilitation in leprosy", etc. Each book has been published by the Medicine Publisher  printed with the thousands of books and widely sold among people. Dozens of films were released with practical content to educate people about leprosy and venereal disease: (For example, "It's not incurable"; mai "," Nga Son Thanh Hoa leprosy "," Love song "talked about leprosy, while" Trot rai "is about venereal disease, with hundreds of copies distributed with dozens of projectors mobile film in remote areas.

- 1983: Dermatology Institute was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal by our State.

- 1983: Dermatology Department was awarded the Certificate of Merit for excellent teaching achievements by the Ministry of Health

- 1983: Professor Le Kinh Due was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal.

- 1995: Professor Le Kinh Due was awarded the Second-Class Labor Medal.

-1994: Professor Le Kinh Due was elected the Vice President of the Association by the Association against French-speaking countries (Francophonie).

- 1995: Professor Le Kinh Due was honored with the grand prize named Sasakawa of WHO.

- 1996: The late Professor Dang Vu Hy was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize by the State.

- 2001: The Dermatology Institute was awarded the second-class Labor Medal by the State.

- 2002: Dermatology Department was awarded the third-class Labor Medal

- 2003: The late Professor Le Kinh Due was awarded the Second Class Independence Medal by the State.

- 2003: Assoc.Prof. Pham Van Hien was awarded a third-class Labor Medal by the State.

-Prof. Dr. Tran Hau Khang was awarded:

  • 1996: Creative Medal for Youth of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
  • 2002: Outstanding Research Award from Japan Dermatology Association.
  • 2011: Third Class Labor Medal.
  • 2011: Dedication Award of the World Dermatology Federation.
  • 2013: Award of "Excellent Manager in the innovation period"
  • 2014: "Honoring the golden table" Typical knowledge for the development of the Capital
  • 2014: People's Doctor

- In 2010: The National Hospital of Dermatology  and Venereology was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister.

- In 2011: The National Hospital of Dermatology  and Venereology was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Health for its outstanding achievements in implementing the Ho Chi Minh's Ethical Movement in 2007-2011.

- In 2011: Hospital was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Excellent Hospital by the Ministry of Health in 2011.

- In 2012: The hospital was awarded the Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Health by the Ministry of Health.

- 2013: The hospital was awarded the Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Health

- 2016: Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Huu Sau, Deputy Director of the Hospital, was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister for his achievements in the work, contributing to the cause of protecting and taking care of the people's health.

Exammination schedule

Monday to friday : 6 am- 6 pm
Saturday to Sunday : 7h30 am -7h30 pm

Visitation Hours

Morning: 6am to 7am and 11am to12 am
Afternoon: 4pm to 6pm
Evening: 6pm to 9pm

Service price

Table of expenses for medical examination and treatment at National hospital of dermatology and venereologyis approved by the Ministry of Health