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Nowadays, the numbers of people who face health problems have increased rapidly due to modern lifestyles. One of the big issues that is mentioned a lot is obesity, more specifically, abdominal fat. This situation appears quite commonly causing significant impacts on the health and quality of life of everyone.

A lot of people are very concerned about their oversized waists. To effectively reduce belly fat, you need to understand what belly fat is and what causes it

  1. What is belly fat?

There are 3 types of fat, including triglycerides (fats circulating in the blood), subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat just below the surface of the skin) and visceral fat (visceral fat – the dangerous belly fat layer). Visceral fat accumulates under the belly fat and poses a lot of risk to your health if they are too much.

  1. What causes fat formation?

Sedentary activities: Frequent sitting in front of a computer, sitting too long to work, not moving, exercising is the cause for more energy and fat accumulation.

Improper diet: The excess fat accumulating in the body is a consequence of an unreasonable diet, eating too much fried food, fat but eating less fiber, drinking not enough water compared to the need of body.

Hormonal changes: Changes in female hormones during puberty, pregnancy, premenopause, menopause and the first months of birth control pills are also the cause of excess fat accumulation. In women, the body is taller than men.

Unhealthy living habits: Regularly staying up late also causes fat accumulation quickly.

Due to genetic and pathological genes (this factor accounts for less than 10%).

  1. The harmful effects of excess fat

3.1 Harm of excess fat: Fat accumulation makes the body ugly

Excess fat makes your body become bulky, ugly, which is also the cause of skin cracking, reducing elasticity.

Excess fat creates a flaw in appearance that many people lack confidence.

  1. 2. Harm of fat: Excess fat affects joints

Being overweight and obese puts great pressure on the bones and joints, leading to the risk of osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis pain makes walking and movement become more difficult and the disease is aggravated as the weight increases. .

3.3. The effects of excess fat: Fat is the cause of many dangerous diseases

Not only does the appearance not look good, it is difficult to exercise, excess fat is also the cause of many dangerous diseases such as: hardening of the nerve, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, blood fatty, gout, …

3.4. Harm of excess fat: Reduces desire to “love” in both men and women

People who are overweight and obese often have less sex hormone than normal people, reduce libido, hard to achieve orgasm. Not to mention, the heavy, unattractive body also makes the quality of sex decline.


Excess fat not only makes the body become ugly, ugly, less confident but also a “enemy” to health, specifically increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems and diabetes. The following simple measures can help you effectively improve the excess fat.


Diet directly affects your weight. Weight gain is hard to avoid if you regularly consume processed foods like baked goods, chips, etc., causing fat to build up in the liver. Instead, eat foods high in fiber from vegetables, tubers, and fruits.


Exercise routines not only improve brain health, but are also a very effective way to lose fat. Regular exercise with high intensity helps the body to sweat, burn more calories, helping you lose weight fast.


Alcohol and alcohol use are also causes of belly fat gain. Drinking plenty of water instead is a way to suppress your appetite and eliminate bloating.


When stressed, cortisol stress hormone in the adrenal gland will be released quickly. This phenomenon is really dangerous because they can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain or cause intestinal problems.

To effectively remove excess fat, two processes need to be carried out simultaneously:

Firstly, increasing activity frees up stored fat cells for energy and excretes excess fat from the body.

Second, limiting the process of accumulating excess body fat.

To do these two things, you must increase your activity to burn fat. At the same time, make sure the amount of energy intake is lower than the amount of energy consumed.

However, this is too difficult for those who do not have much time to eat, practice seriously.


Excess liposuction is a procedure that has been practiced for many years with PAL technology using cannula connected to the assisted pressure suction system.

PAL technology is evaluated as an advanced liposuction technology, achieving high accuracy, increasing comfort and safety for patients.

? This is also an FDA-approved technology for effectiveness and safety for women wishing to regain their youthful physique.

Why is Microaire technology SAFE?

  • Certified by the FDA – the US Food and Drug Administration, with extremely stringent standards for safety and effectiveness.
  • Power-assisted technology causes the automatic vibrator with the frequency of 5 million vibrations / s to help dissolve and absorb the fat evenly.
  • Does not cause bleeding, does not produce heat, it will not kill the remaining fat cells as well as other cells.
  • Because there is no ultrasound or laser, the risk of necrotic fluid remains minimal.
  • Does not cause swollen bruises, skin burns after liposuction surgery.
  • Not damaging the way blood vessels and surrounding connective tissue, collagen elastic fibers are optimally protected so that the skin does not slack after treatment.
  • Control the suction force, control the amount of grease being removed by adjusting the frequency accordingly.
  • Less bruising and quick recovery after treatment.

With intelligent nozzle system including many types of flat, round, big, small, 2 or 3 holes, the MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor Liposuction Liposuction system can absorb up to 360 degrees and easily. allocated to the right angles on the body, providing easy access to adipose tissue causing fat cells to melt, turning into a liquid mixture of fatty acids and glucose. This source of fluid will be quickly excreted out through the straws that flow out of excess fat.

 Author: Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation Department

Publisher: Social work department