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  1. Laser machines in treatment of Pigment

1.1 Laser Q – Switched Nd: YAG Helios III

It produces laser emission at the wavelength of 1064 nm and 532 nm. In our hospital, we create the different values with high-class characteristics:

1G – G-Black Toning mode that treats skin pigments from epidermis to hypodermis by using different spotsizes

2G – G-Blue Toning mode: treatment pigments with spotsize over 8 mm which creates laser to deepen into the skin

3G – Red-Toning mode: It is effective to treat pigments which locate in the deep layer of the skin via 1064 nm Fractional mode –“ a Helios’s exclusive innovation “, minimizing pain and complications as much as possible

4G – G-Green Toning mode: treatment pigments locating the epidermis layer by using Fractional 532 nm, this mode is minimal side effects, high treatment effectiveness.

On the top of that, RTP Blue Toning also provides more laser energy which is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation ways compared to traditional ones.

1.2 Laser Q – switched Ruby – Tattoo star – Asclepion

This machine produces laser emission at the wavelength of 694 nm with microspot Zoom and Fractional 2 handle modes that create ideal condition to  skin pigment treatment and aesthetical tattoo removal.

Zoom handle with spotsizes from 2.5 mm to 5 mm enables user to apply for treatment  of different lesions and sizes as well as lesion’s depth.

Microspot Fractional handle with 7×7 spotsize permits to treat pigment lesions effectively and minimize the side effects

Tattoo star machine is really useful for skin pigment treatment, especially freckle, birth mark, tattoo removal, seborrheic keratosis.

2. Laser machines for vessel treatment

2.1 Laser Vbeam Perfecta – Candela

Vbeam Perfecta – Pulsed dye laser – most advanced Technology. Nowadays, pulsed dye laser is perfect solution for skin vessel treatment. It has become the standard and popularity all over the world for treating lesions: hemangioma, telangiectasia…

It has been shown to be safe, easy to working,   effective treatment method for vessel abnormalities, scars, acne…and less side effects.

Large indication and outstanding characteristics has made this Vbeam to become one of the dispensable technologies in the large centres.

Laser Vbeam system enables laser at the wavelength 595 nm to penetrate and absorb oxyhemoglobin of the vessels without affecting contiguous tissues. This has become the method of high treatment effectiveness.

2.2 Hyperion Long pulse Nd YAG Laser

This laser is specialized to treatment of deep vessel lesions. Apart from that, this is also another outstanding method for waxing compared to traditional laser generations. Hyperion can also repair and adjust emission area, frequency and initial energy for each case.

It can be replaced easily by 3 tubes to diversify treatment purposes:

+ Telangiectasia ( esp. large and deep vessels )

+ Hemangioma

+ Skin rejuvenation

+ Waxing

+ Pigment lesions

Hyperion is the long pulse Nd YAG Laser which produces laser emission at the wavelength of 1064 nm. It can emit long pulse with maximum energy up to 80 J. Easily touching screen allows user to adjust the width of pulse, frequency from  0.3 ms to 300 ms and emission area from 2 mm to 30 mm, therefore it is easily to be suitable for different patients.

3. Laser machines for skin rejuvenation

3.1 Laser Er-YAG – Lotus III


+ Wrinkles and rhytides, skin aging, cellulite, large pores.

+ Wrinkles due to sunlight exposure , premature skin aging.

+ Acne scarring

+ Improving discolored skin patches

+ Rejuvenation ( only one time )

Different pulse laser modes:

Short pulse enables to cut and burn on the surface of skin

Long pulse enables to cut, burn and make calorifect effect that increases collagen and elastin.

Fractional and Zoom can also be applied for treatment of different layers  in the epidermis as well as other skin areas. When we operate Fractional mode, a bunch of laser can penetrate hypodermis in which produces the reproductive process of collagen and elastin.

Customers can see the significant improvement at the location of wrinkles, acne scarring, minimizing pores.

Zoom mode with adjustment from 1 – 7 mm permits to cut and burn exactly lesions located in the epidermis. Customers can also feel the amazing results: reducing the relaxing time and uncomfortable feeling as performing this procedure.

Zoom mode with adjustment from 1 – 7 mm permits to cut and burn exactly lesions located in the epidermis. This is the most advanced point of this one in comparison with other similar ones on the market that only impact the skin 3mm, thus they can improve deep rhytides.

The probe area up to 8×8 mm is the exclusive characteristic in this machine generation.

3.2 Laser CO2 Fractional – Bioxel

It is considered as one of the classic lasers in aesthetic treatment of dermatology. Bioxel CO2 produces laser emission at the wavelength of 10600 nm, well absorbed by water.This laser can be applied treatment effectively in diseases as well as aesthetics.

Together with F-100 and F-50 handle, Bioxel can be used continuous modes, pulse, micropulse, etc and treat very fast some diseases: papilloma, wart, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis. Furthermore, this handle can be used for scarring treatment

The machine produces microspots measurement with different energy level, point density, as well as depth to treat maximal wrinkles, scarring or skin rejuvenation.

4. Other devices

He Ne Laser is applied effectively for alopecia, postherpetic neuralgia, wound care

Diode Laser is used perfectly for acne. In addition, it can be utilized to decrease sebaceous secretion, inflammation and rejuvenation.

Cold nitrogen with different tube sizes makes the effectiveness in scarring, warts, skin benign tumors, alopecia, etc.

Author: Laser and Skincare Department

Publisher: Social Work Department