World Vitiligo Day

Why June 25th is suggested as World Vitiligo Day?

MJ and Prince The date would resonate within the broader community due to its, albeit unfortunate, connection to Michael Jackson, whose vitiligo was the most famous and publicly debated case of all time. June 25 is Michael Jackson passing date a significant date in the Vitiligo calendar. Anyhow we look at it and want to argue it, his Vitiligo brought awareness to Vitiligo as most people heard about Vitiligo for the first time through Michael Jackson’s life history and today some already refer to Vitiligo as Michael Jackson’s disease. His death attracted about 2millions hits on Vitiligo websites in a few days. Michael Jackson even in death is still being misunderstood about his change in skin color, a kind of misunderstanding majority with Vitiligo still face today.

Over 100 million of people suffer from this skin disease daily, but there is no cure in sight.