Just a small thing

My youngest son, this year is nearly 4 years old. He had a white spot in my neck from about 9 months old. When he was 2 years old, I took him to the National Hospital of Dermatology and was found to have Vitiligo and doctors prescribed medicine. He used it for a few months, I didn’t see less and any more spread, so that’s it. That white spot kept “standing” like that, so I stopped running anymore. And now I don’t care about that white spot at my house. Maybe when my son grows up and I feel that I want to cure it, I can treat it, otherwise my family will just “live peacefully” with it.

Having lost an older son because of cancer, to me, vitiligo is nothing terrible! Human life does not have anything perfect, so if you have vitiligo, consider it a small thing.

If you mind it, use makeup cream. Hope you nurture your self-confidence and love to live positive and happy days. Life is precious, don’t let others ruin your joy.

Love the whole family.

Phuong Nguyen

Member of  Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam