Journey to cure vitiligo of a young mother

Hi everyone, I’m a young mother who is 24 years old and my son is just 4 years old. I was born in a rural countryside and got married early. I was a childish mother when I gave birth to my child.

I saw that he had a small white spot in his neck and wondered whether he would be bawled like everyone said, then I asked my mother, my mother told me that it was a milk mushroom, and I just it go because I had no experience and did not let my son go to any medical examination. I just let him go to the clinic near the doctor’s house, she did not tell me that he had vitiligo, she applied medicine for a period of time and nothing changed. I immediately sent him to the National Dermatology Hospital and found out about vitiligo and the healing journey for my baby was just 5 months old. There was no change in his treatment and medication for 3 months, and her grandmother heard another person rubbing on banana bananas to remove them. She also followed and retired to get the water, then left the wild worm leaves to apply it, it didn’t work either, then anyone told me what to do if my family followed all the steps and hoped they would go away but were disappointed my mother went to the internet When I went to Ha Giang near me to treat 2 mothers and children, I went nearly 400 km to get treatment for half a year. I did not come back with disappointment that my parents thought it or not to cure me so my children and my parents could help me. But I thought of giving birth to my grandchild so that I could not be as good as my friends, so I went to Hanoi to meet a healer for 2 big bags of medicine to give me a large amount of money, but my father said only if I could stop him. It is fine for the mother to borrow. That year, I was 3 years old and every morning instead of eating porridge like you, I drank 2 medicine bowls and drank my parents to comfort me because the medicine was very difficult to drink compared to my child and then forced me to drink again. If anything, don’t worry about eating and drinking anything, then vomit all 3 months like .

I think my son is suffering so that there is no result whatsoever to grow old and old vegetable roots soaked by a uncle in the security group and at that time I know the group to refer to the remedy also has a note in the group. for curing him, but fortunately I did not come to him, I also followed the half year without any results and often followed the articles in the group and knew Dr. Tam, we took him to the doctor for examination and gave I followed my current regimen and I applied medication and lighted it twice a week until the 8th time, the area of ​​the neck had a lot of spots and my parents were very happy because after many times I had cured him, he had good results, also once my grandchildren burns up and cries for a few days, but looking at the results, my wife and I will still try to treat her. Over here, I would like to tell you about the arduous journey but not to the end of my family, I also thank you Dr Tam for helping my children

Thanh Tuyen

Member of Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam