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Mesotherapy is the minimally invasive method of injecting drugs and active ingredients into or under the skin. Mesotherapy is a method to distribute drug into the body. Depending on the purpose of treatment, doctors will choose drugs, active ingredients causing suitable effects.

Mesotherapy is a medical technique developed since 1952 by a famous French doctor, Dr. Michel Pistor to treat pain and vascular disorders. In 1987, the French Academy of Medical Academy officially recognized mesotherapy as a medical specialty. At present, this method is well developed and popularized in European countries, South America and more recently in the US and Asian countries with about 18,000 doctors worldwide using it. In the United States, this method was brought back from France by Dr. Lionel Bissoon and is currently interested in fat reduction and adipose tissue inflammation reduction.

In recent years, mesotherapy has been rated by physicians as a safe, effective treatment for fat reduction, non-surgical body contouring.

Indications of mesotherapy for the treatment of subcutaneous fat loss:

– Reducing excess subcutaneous fat such as chin, cheeks, biceps, calves, back, thighs, hips, abdomen…

– Slimming skin fat areas lack of firmness, cellulites

Mesotherapy destroys excess fat by introducing active ingredients that increase fat metabolism into the area of ​​excess body fat that needs to be treated through subcutaneous injections, where they directly affect fat cells, and destroy their structure; while improving local microcirculation helps increase excretion of products during fat metabolism. Substances commonly used in mesotherapy to treat fat loss include:

– Vascular activators: buflomedial, pentoifylline, dicynone, theophyline, aminophylline, caffeine

– Fat burner: phosphatidyl choline + deoxycholate, calcitonin, L-carnitine

– Vitamins and herbs: Artichoke, Gingko, Asiacen….

Mesotherapy is a relatively safe treatment with few complications. Some of the side effects that can occur during treatment such as swelling and bruising at the injection site and will go away after a few days of treatment.

Mesotherapy is effective in reducing subcutaneous fat in many different areas, usually small, localized areas. However, to increase the therapeutic effect, it is necessary to coordinate with adjusting the diet and increasing physical activity. The effectiveness of treatment may not be achieved as you want at the first time, but several times.

Losing fat with mesotherapy only resolves the subcutaneous fat, not the visceral fat in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately assess the type of fat deposits of customers before treatment through the index of waist size between standing and lying posture, waist measurement to make an appropriate and effective treatment.

Author: Sterm cell research and application technology Department

Publisher: Social Work Deparment