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The age of 25 is thought to be the beginning of aging. Especially when turning 40 years of age, the skin aging process occurs so quickly you may have to rely on cosmetic interventions to preserve youthfulness. Face lift is considered to be the most effective and safest skin rejuvenation solution nowadays, which many people believe to choose to hold the youth on the face. So what is this method? Is it really effective or not?

What is a thread lift?
Thread lift is a method of using biological thread to cause local inflammatory reactions and increase circulation, stimulate young fibrous cells to increase collagen and elastic fibers. Morever, this method, which activates wound healing, also increases the process of exchange metabolism and helps increasing the lymphatic system to help the creaseds become smooth from deep inside.

The type of threads used in face is very thin in size and can be consumed directly within the body.

Benefits of thread lift?
Thread lift firms the muscles to help rejuvenate the face, lift the eyebrows, rejuvenate the skin of the neck, lift the sagging neck skin, remove forehead wrinkles, deep wrinkles, tighten the chest area , contour formatting, reduce puffiness and excess fat. In addition, it has a filling effect such as rhinoplasty, filling the area under the eye socket, stimulating hair growth, stimulating skin regeneration to help skin appear youthful and vibrant …

Face lift is considered the most effective and safest skin rejuvenation solution nowadays

What are the advantages of face lift compared to other cosmetic methods?

– No need to use cutlery but lifting the subcutaneous muscle tissue and the sagging skin effectively.

– Lift the skin in many different positions such as the corner of the eyes, cheeks, forehead, around the mouth, arms, abdomen …

– The process of recovery after treatment is fast, you can return to daily life without convalescence.

– No scar, no pain or any damage to the surface of the skin.

– Bringing the most natural beauty to the face: After lifting your face with thread lift, your face will become smooth, wrinkles will be blurred, and the effect lasts for years.

Which hospitals can perform safe thread lift method?

Thread lift must be performed at reputable medical facilities licensed by the Ministry of Health and by skilled doctors.

National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology is a specialized hospital in the field of Dermatology, the thread lift method applied for many years at the hospital, has bringed natural beauty without surgery for many women.

Publisher: Social Work Department