Laser & Skin Care Department


Formerly known as Department of Leprosy Treatment and Laser – Surgery (D1) since 1999, with 16 years of establishment and development, D1 Department had constantly grown and matured. In order to meet the urgent needs of patients in medical consultation and treatment with increasing quantity and quality, combining with the development of high-tech science and technology as well as facilities, Laser and Skin Care Department was formed in July 2015.

Functions & Missions

Consultation & Treatment

  • Consultation & treatment of dermatological diseases and STIs.
  • Application of laser in treatment.
  • Consultation and performing cosmetic procedures.
  • Skin care.


Training for laser and other physical therapy.

Human Resources

The faculty of Laser & Skin care has the participation of 08 Doctors including specialist II Doctors, specialist Doctors, M.S, M.D, 18 Nurses, to meet the increasing needs of medical examination and beauty of the people.

Service Attitude and Medical Ethics

The attitude of service and ethics are also a strong point of the Laser and skincare department. Clinic staff are regularly trained and trained in communication and behavior skills towards patient satisfaction. The 24/7 hotline is widely available throughout the Clinic to respond to information provided by residents to improve the quality of Medical Services.

Doctors Team

We always put the prestige and quality of service on the first priority to deserve to be the leading hospital in dermatology in the country.

Technical Services

Beauty News