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50% discount for 35 patients who registered for treatment of varicose veins of the lower limb by intravascular Laser at Plastic & Rehability Surgery Department – National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology

Chronic varicose veins are a common condition, with an increasing incidence associated with risk factors such as age, gender, overweight, specific occupations that require standing or prolonged sitting, etc. The disease manifests itself abundantly with signs such as:
– Dilating superficial veins under the skin, losing aesthetics
– Feeling heavy, tired, aching in the legs, especially when standing or sitting for long periods
– Itching, paresthesia
– Cramps in the evening

In the early stages, symptoms may be transient, unclear, reduce at rest, so patients pay less attention and are easily overlooked. If the disease is not detected and treated, it may appear leg edema, changes in skin pigmentation, prominent varicose veins on the skin often affect the aesthetic, … so long can lead to inflammation. stagnant skin, long-term healing of ulcers, even causing deep vein thrombotic complications.
Today there are many treatments for chronic varicose veins, from noninvasive measures such as risk factors, intravenous medications, pressure stockings, and interventions. such as fiber injection, surgery, high frequency (RFA), intravascular laser (EVLA).
Intravascular laser is a modern treatment that uses laser power to remove diseased veins from the inside without NEED OF Surgery. This is the treatment that many patients choose because of its effectiveness, speed and aesthetics. Most cases only need to be treated once, after treatment patients no longer feel heavy, tired, aching in the legs, improve the quality of life.

Why do you should treatment of chronic varicose vein by Intravascular Laser?

In addition to eliminating most of the symptoms of varicose veins, intravascular lasers offer many outstanding advantages such as:
– Don’t scar
– High safety, few complications
– Less pain
– Time for treatment and quick recovery
– After treatment, patients can leave the hospital within the day, activities and normal work

In particular, you will immediately receive 50% OFF DISCOUNT when you are one of the first 35 people who register for treatment of chronic lower limb varicose by Laser Intravascular. This is an opportunity to help you experience the cosmetic services performed by leading specialists in the country.
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