Medical examination and treatment

As the leading specialized hospital in dermatology, we always strive, dedicated to examination and treatment for patients

Aesthetics in dermatology

a convergence of leading doctors in Vietnam with modern equipment, we meet all beauty needs safely and effectively

Dermatology training

Every year, we train hundreds of doctors, technicians specialized in dermatology and aesthetics. Continuously open basic training courses, specializing in dermatology

International cooperation

organizing and managing international cooperation between hospitals and foreign individuals and organizations, organizing and implementing scientific research activities, scientific and technological cooperation

Training and direction of healthcare activities

Implementation of the national anti-leprosy program, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, implementing scheme 1816

About us

The leading specialized hospital in dermatology

National hospital of dermatology and venereology is the leading specialized hospital in dermatology: Research on disease patterns, methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of diseases in the Leprosy and Dermatology specialization, Training of officials, medical examination and treatment and functional rehabilitation , Plastic surgery, Skin care, Training and direction of healthcare activities, International cooperation...

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Experts team

With a team of professionals and experienced in National hospital of dermatology and venereology

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with a proudly team of highly qualified professors, associate professors and doctors, who are constantly trained to improve in countries with a developed medicine background in the World.

Exammination schedule

Monday to friday : 6 am- 6 pm
Saturday to sunday : 7h30 am -7h30 pm

Visitation Hours
Morning: 6am to 7am and 11am to12 am Afternoon: 4pm to 6pm Evening: 6pm to 9pm
Service price

Table of expenses for medical examination and treatment at National hospital of dermatology and venereologyis approved by the Ministry of Health