Fate with vitiligo

On the morning of going to the sisters’ burial place, accidentally everyone told me that my face is white and white, so I was blinded, I replied that I did not know, at night I looked at the mirror to ask if my husband saw his wife’s face white spot, my husband said no, a few days after the white spot became clearer and bigger, people showed the cure was to wash the water to wash the rice, then it was just to follow … then someone told me to take the tiger’s tongue to the spot If I tried it, I tried it ineffectively, but I didn’t know about the vitiligo at the time, but I was confused and decided to go to the dermatologist to know about it. About applying, she also worked hard to follow and stop developing disease, using medicine in combination with every morning sitting in the sun after 4 months of getting 2 small black dots, due to no time to sun exposure, I stopped treatment. During that time everyone went and said, looking like a strange creature, losing confidence when going out, after nearly a year of being attached to the disease and joining his group and knowing that there are many people like me, now it is better , the director went to socialize and participate in the cultural activities of the village … I will try to treat Nguyen Phong’s way of saying and hope everything will be better

Chun Em

Member of Vitiligo Forum – Vitiligo Viet Nam